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CrowdWork.Coop is working in partnership with Social Conscience PBC developing digital infrastructure services for more cooperative and resilient local economies.

As one of several efforts to support co-op ecosystem development in the DC region, CrowdWork.Coop partnered with Social Conscience PBC to initiate a pilot program with the goal to alleviate funding barriers for early-stage co-op business and project growth.  To do so, we began developing a direct referral platform for crowdfunding that serves as a non-extractive local alternative to other fundraising platform options.

How does it work?

A campaign page is created with the help of CrowdWork.Coop digital services.

When filling the donation form, the donor has the option to contribute additional amount to help support the platform and additional campaigns for co-ops. 

On form submission, the donor’s entire transaction is sent directly to the campaign holder (no money touches the platform itself).

Form entries are collected in the database, segmenting donations to the co-op campaign vs those to the platform.

The full donor report is sent to the campaign holder, along with a request to return funds in the amount indicated to be contributed to the platform.

These funds are sent back to Social Conscience PBC as the merchant account service provider. These funds will pay for labor and overhead expenses to improve the platform’s functionality and features, and support the successful launch of more campaigns.


Prior to this pilot stage we raised $1,500 from friends, family, and co-op advocates to fully subsidize the initial pilot campaign costs including:

    • Developing a prototype of the platform
    • Developing an intake process for nominees or applicants looking to raise funds
    • Co-designing personalized landing pages with existing digital assets of the campaign holders
    • Free web hosting for the duration of the campaigns
    • Multiple digital strategy sessions, and
    • Professional marketing assistance from one or more CrowdWork.Coop members


Additionally, so far our partnered effort allowed us to:
    • Develop a first working prototype of a functional crowdfunding vehicle for cooperatively-funded projects and campaigns.
    • Host our first successful pilot fundraiser for a worker-owned co-op in the DC region.
    • Hire a local web development training program graduate to build our first campaign’s landing page through a learn & earn model.
    • Provide a direct referral and proof of work to this individual that landed him full-time gainful employment in his target field.
    • Provide technical assistance to multiple co-op groups that applied for free digital service support and fundraiser landing pages to help them get closer to market readiness.
    • Begin integrating the functionality into a plugin for other co-ops to host on their own websites.
"Crowdwork.Coop and Social Conscience PBC have been a joy to work with. Without their leadership and expertise, we may have never had a successful inaugural crowdfunding campaign.

We strongly recommend any co-op who wants or needs direct support in going to their next level to work with Crowdwork.Coop and Social Conscience PBC."
Blain and Dominic
Earth-Bound Building

Future contributions will enable co-op campaigns to leverage technology that matches them with the resources within the communities that they help grow. It will also help connect market access and growth needs with the idle capacity of the local talent pool.

In particular, future funds will allow us to:

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